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H-D, Stop being an OG.

Harley Davidson as an integral company, must become a master of attracting

the typical Harley rider and non-Harley rider, alike.  The current effort by

H-D, to attract new riders, as well as the up and coming rider, is somewhat

halfhearted. I mean, sure there are some new products and bikes Harley has

placed in the lineup. Smaller, lighter, less expensive units like the new

Harley-Davidson Street 500. Its entry level price and non-intimidating style

can surely entice one who had otherwise envisioned and Electra with bull

horns on the front as being a Harley they can never afford or would want to.

But, unfortunately, the stories, that started off with “I walked in the door

and was intimidated by the big biker looking sales guy”. So “I left without

a bike”. “Maybe, I will try a Suzuki”. Harley didn’t lose a bike sale, they

lost a lifelong customer.


In other words, why do I buy a Ford truck? Because, every time I go to ford,

at any dealership in the nation; I am treated fairly. Ford customer service

is no doubt, number one. Is it the best truck in America? Heck if I know,

but it will do. But, “if it doesn’t work”, I know ford will be fair. Harley

needs to embrace the new untypical customer. A little honey, please Harley.